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Tutorial - Creating a Pipe - how and why

Tutorial - Creating a Pipe - how and why The instructions below provide a stepwise description of the action that needs to be taken to create the pipe and an explanation of the purpose of each action. This is intented to help users utilize this example as a springboard to...

Tutorial - Science Pipes Basics

Tutorial - Basics of Science Pipes By Yoomee Kim, Lisa Adler-Golden, and Andrea McMillen (ESA) Science pipes works by clicking and dragging the data, operations, and desired output boxes to the workspace. You create a pipeline by drawing lines between the boxes. Start each pipe with the data set that...

Digital Resource Discovery and Science Pipes

Digital Resource Discovery and Dynamic Learning Communities for a Changing Biology (DRD) Four Science Pipes Packages (Cemetery Demography, Darwin’s Finches, Forest Population Structure and North American Pollen) were developed through an award from the National Science Foundation Award # DUE-1044359. Project PI: Teresa Mourad, Ecological Society of America Co-PIs: William...

North American Pollen

This module provides access to data derived from the North American Pollen Database(NAPD) v1.7. The North American Pollen Data component provides access to this data, which can be filtered by depositional environment. An additional column or columns may be appended to the output data table with the Additional Columns to...

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