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Known Issues

We've recently uncovered some bugs in Science Pipes and we want to let you know about them, so that you can avoid them. We are working on solutions for them, but don't have a timeline for the fixes. Internet Explorer Incompatibility | Unresponsive Scripts | More than Three eBird Datasets...

Spring eBird Contest

The contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! We invite you to participate in the first ever Science Pipes eBird contest. We've conjured up this contest as a way to introduce the eBird community to Science Pipes. "What's Science Pipes" you ask? It's a way for you to...

Video: ebird Tutorial - Part 3

Video: ebird Tutorial - Part 2

Video: ebird Tutorial - Part 1

The eBird and Project FeederWatch Datasets

eBird | Project FeederWatch Introduction The Avian Knowledge Network (AKN) consolidates data from many institutions that have a plethora of bird monitoring projects. You can now access two of the many datasets from the AKN from within Science Pipes, using a large library of components specifically created to work with...

Tutorial - Building a basic eBird pipe

Introduction This tutorial will take you through the steps of building a pipe that creates a simple visualization of eBird data. You will end up with a pipe similar to the one called “example – AKN eBird dataset” pictured below. This tutorial is also available as a PDF. Part 1....

AKN eBird Observers List Released

The new AKN eBird Components for Science Pipes include a filter that allows you to exclude all AKN eBird data except that coming from a specific observer. However, this filter works only if you know exactly the right way to phrase the text of observer name. Within the eBird data...

Avian Knowledge Network Components

Science Pipes now has a growing library of components that can be used to access and manipulate Avian Knowledge Network (AKN) data. This AKN component library can be accessed from the Science Pipes editor by selecting "eBird AKN Components" from the list at the top of the component library at...

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