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Tutorial - Creating a Pipe - how and why

Tutorial - Creating a Pipe - how and why The instructions below provide a stepwise description of the action that needs to be taken to create the pipe and an explanation of the purpose of each action. This is intented to help users utilize this example as a springboard to...

Tutorial - Science Pipes Basics

Tutorial - Basics of Science Pipes By Yoomee Kim, Lisa Adler-Golden, and Andrea McMillen (ESA) Science pipes works by clicking and dragging the data, operations, and desired output boxes to the workspace. You create a pipeline by drawing lines between the boxes. Start each pipe with the data set that...

Video: How to Create a Simple Pipe

Science Pipes: How to Create a Simple Pipe from Crossing Boundaries Project on Vimeo.

Uploading and using data files

Certain components in SciencePipes can utilize user uploaded data -- currently this is just the Cemetery Demography package's "Survivorship Data" component. Demography Data Format The Demography Data Format is 5 columns of comma separated values, with these exact column names: Name,Sex,Birth Year,Death Year,Age(years) In each data row, Name should be...

Quick Start

Here are some resources to help get you started with SciencePipes: Science Pipes: How to Create a Simple Pipe (Video. 6min) Science Pipes Introduction (Video. 8min, 21MB) Avoid common mistakes, read: Why isn't my pipe working? Learn how to create a pipe, step by step: Tutorial: Building a basic eBird...

Video: Introduction to SciencePipes

Why Isn't My Pipe Working?

If you've built a pipe and are getting an error, here are some things to check. 1. Are all components on the workspace connected? All components must be connected to something, or you will get an error. The pipe won't run. If it looks like this, you will get an...

Tutorial - Building a basic eBird pipe

Introduction This tutorial will take you through the steps of building a pipe that creates a simple visualization of eBird data. You will end up with a pipe similar to the one called “example – AKN eBird dataset” pictured below. This tutorial is also available as a PDF. Part 1....

Pipes, Workflows, and Kepler

What's a pipe? Workflow? What's Kepler?

Example of Using a Pipe Result as a Web Resource

One of the most powerful features of SciencePipes is the ability to use the output of a pipe as a web resource.

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