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Adaptive Radiation—Darwin's Finches (ESA EcoEd Digital Library)

This module provides access to historic finch morphology data from the Galapagos Islands. This data is output by the Bird Morphology Data component, and is derived from data associated with the Sato et. al paper, found here. You may output data from one specific original source, or all sources combined.

Data may be filtered by island, genus, species, subspecies, or sex.

The Bird Data Grouper component allows "binning" data by wing length, beak height, upper beak length, or nostril upper beak length, into bins of specified size. Grouped data may then be fed into the Histogram or Dual Bar Chart components to produce plots.

The Bird Morphology Stats Calculator outputs a table of summary statistics from the data it's given, grouped by chosen varible (Genus, Species, Subspecies, or Island). For each of the four morphological features Wing Length, Beak Height, Upper Beak Length, and Nostril Upper Beak Length, means, standard deviations, and counts are calculated for each group, rounded to 3 places. The Stats Calculator also outputs subtables based on each morphological feature, for example, when Group By: Species is selected, the Wing Length port will output the mean, standard deviation, and count for each species. These subtables are useful to label, concatenate with a Bar Chart Series Union, and then feed into a Statistical Bar Chart. They may also be fed into Scatter Plot Data Matchers, and then input to a Scatter Plot, to produce scatterplots comparing morphological feature measurement means.

The Species Richness Calculator may be used to calculate species richness by island, and these data may be plotted with the Bar or Pie Chart actors.

Note that not all records are complete, for example, records often lack subspecies information. Each of the four morphological measurements may also be blank: Wing Length, Beak Height, Upper Beak Length, Nostril Upper Beak Length (though no record is missing all four).

Example Pipes

Darwin's Finches Statistical Bar Chart

Darwin's Finches Histogram

Darwin's Finches Scatterplot


Example Output

Darwins Finches Summary Stats Table


This project was developed with funding provided by the National Science Foundation Award, Digital Resource Discovery and Dynamic Learning Communities for a Changing Biology (DRD) (# DUE-1044359). We would like to acknowledge the work of Principal Investigators, Advisory Panel members, and Staff who made these packages possible.

This Darwin’s Finches package was developed by the advisory panel: Dr. Barbara Abraham, Dr. Sunshine Brosi, Dr. Beverly J. Brown,Dr. Sam Donovan,Dr. Shana Ederer, Dr. Denny S. Fernández, Dr. Ken Klemow, Wilkes University, Dr. Tom Langen, Dr. Colleen McLinn, Dr. Bibit Traut, and Dr. Paul Weihe. For additional information, please click here.


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